Keylamp 48BTN Module

Keylamp 48BTN Module

Norstar Modules


  • For improved call handling, add a KLM
  • For use with ANY existing Norstar phone system
  • Also called central answering position.
  • Add 2 CAP modules to any M7324 set
  • Add 48 or 96 additional programmable buttons to M7324 provides


The Nortel Norstar Key Lamp Module (KLM) is a module that connects to a Norstar M7324 model telephone that provides 48 additional memory buttons which can be used to show a busy or idle status for up to 48 more sets, as well as to program system features or autodial numbers. Up to two KLM modules can be added to any M7324 (nt8b410) set. One Station Auxiliary Power Supply is required to power every two KLM modules.